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Duplex rent Arlington TX

I have been dealing with noise from neighbors' dogs and various issues by the pool since the day we moved in these apartments in April 2016. People will play volleyball and swim after midnight and when I try to talk to the office, they just tell me to call the police. For example, earlier in the summer, people were out drinking and breaking glass bottles by the pool at 2:00am. By the cops came, they were gone, of course. Our upstairs neighbor constantly listens to music with the bass turned up loud and we have asked him repeatedly to turn it down and eventually had to call the office about it. All they said was that they would give him a lease violation.
Sean, a Ventura Apartments employee who lives in the apartment below us, found a dog and it's been barking constantly for two days so far. Tonight, we knocked on his door to ask about the dog. He opens the door, says "yeah, I hear the barking, it's taken care of" and slams the door in our faces before we even got a word in. I can understand the stress of finding the dog outside and keeping it for a few days, but all we did was try to ask about the dog and how long it was going to be staying, especially when I have talked to Sean many times and he and the other employees in the office know about my complaints. It's quite unprofessional for a known employee to act like that, even if he's not at work. A few months ago, when I asked about breaking my lease, the office staff told me it would be about $1600, and of course, I can't pay that, but they haven't really done anything to help me with these noisy situations. They just say they will call the resident and ask them to keep the noise down.
I definitely wouldn't recommend these apartments. Although the maintenance has been good to us, the paper-thin walls, random people walking around, non-residents in the pool, noisy neighbors, and office staff have not.

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