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Townhomes for Rent in FT Worth TX

So yeah, This apartment complex has many pros and cons. If you want to live in fort worth close to the great life (Arlington is literally around the corner and a few miles north is an outlet), but you can't really afford 1500 bucks or more in rent then this place could be for you. Honestly, it's not that bad for a temporary residence. I say temporary because once you get your good job right out of college and save up then moving would be best. The rent is cheaper because we don't really have amenities. This place was condemned before, but new management has given it an okay renovation (some apartments look really nice while others need work- mine is the one that needs work). Don't be surprised when you find things wrong it just comes with age. Management try their best when you need things fixed. I say try because well our ac units went out a few times. After a while one of the guys who knew what he was doing actually fixed it. The crime rate around here I don't know about, but so far I haven't heard anything bad. I'm a cautious person so getting an alarm in your unit is best. They are pretty strict on noise and so far the nights have been quiet. A few times we have had noise in the parking lot and well I'm sure someone complained. Also bug issue. Do not under any circumstances skip out on getting your apartment sprayed. If you do you will see roaches. No matter how clean you are. But the plus side to that is there are tons of spiders that eat the bugs. I have found tons of Jumping spiders around here. I'm allergic to spider venom and freak when I see them but the jumpers which are friendly I have come to like after much research. As long as the spiders stay in the walls and eat the bugs that I can't stand it's cool. Also if anything goes wrong you are responsible for the repairs. Get insurance before moving here. We had a leak in our kitchen and they fixed it immediately, but it could have been bad. Some things really do need to be redone but with the affordable rent I can overlook it. I'm waiting to graduate from college this semester and I plan to move but living here has helped me save. I won't say it's perfect because it's not but as long as you lock your apartment and car at night and don't go out you should be fine. Also, I have heard stories about the other apartments down the road. I don't really worry because there is a police station right across from there. They do have a guy that comes and sits in our parking lot on occasion. Good luck!

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