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As I hit my nesting peak Homegoods has officially become my favorite store in the entire world (even more so than Buttercream Bakeshop and Sephora which is pretty wild). The Bailey Crossroad location is centrally located to me and boasts a huge parking lot and an even bigger selection of anything home related inside. This is my one stop shop for baking pans, stationary, decor, pillowcases and sheets, storage items and much, much more. I used to sniff over their gourmet food aisle because it seemed like an unsafe practice to purchase second-shelf life edibles but after reading an article in Bon Appetit about how specialty food companies create items just for stores like TJ Maxx, I could not help but check it out. And what a treasure trove of items that I found! Canadian maple syrup, organic teas in exotic flavors, cookies and chocolates of all kind! I definitely made out like a bandit with lots of sweets to keep this 9.75 month preggo happy for a while. Sometimes the aisles are chaotic and the lines long, but it's all a part of the fun!

I used to go there a lot when I moved in this area. They have carpets, lights, couches, glasses, plates, foods, drinks, etc... I like some fancy unique furniture.

This HomeGoods is located in the Baileys Crossroads shopping complex off of 7. They offer an okay selection on furniture, rugs, lighting fixtures, mirrors, bedding, bath products, dining options, kitchen essentials, and pet accessories/snacks, and the staff here really try to keep the items as organized as possible. I was able to find some Cloud Star snacks for my pup at great prices, as well as some awesome novelty sprinkles from the clearance section for cupcake decorating. Even though places like these are a hit-or-miss, if you go occasionally and rummage through their selections, you may be able to find things that you didn't think you'd need :P There are plenty of parking, but just note that this plaza is always super congested, in addition to heavy foot traffic. +bargain-priced pup snacks +better clearance item selections compared to other HGs +plenty of parking +part of the Baileys Crossroads plaza

This place is HUGEEEEEEEEEEE. I have to really prepare myself to go into this store because I know once I step foot into it, I'll never want to leave. My boyfriend hates coming here with me because he knows I can spend hours in here and I get distracted by every shiny object...and there's so many of them here! This is a really great store - huge selection on home goods (hence the name) with a large variety of items for any room in your house. I am really attracted to the designs and types of things they carry here. In the kitchen area, lots of ceramic dishes and quality pots. A large aisle for little kitchen accessories too. They always have quality pieces of furniture for sale in the middle of the store.you can go through their giant carpet wall or check yourself out in their many aisles of mirrors and wall decor. The pricing here is really reasonable. I've often compared prices (at Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, etc.) and Home Goods always win out. I will say I believe it's a little pricier than Marshalls and TJ Maxx though. I've found the same things at the other 2 stores for slightly cheaper prices (Only $1 or $2 difference). Check it out and you won't want to leave.

As with all discount stores it's really hit or miss. Some items I went to look for they really did not have much to choose from. They did have some unique items however if you like that and I noticed some Tahari hi and bedding that I had not seen there before. But a lot of the things they seller kind of junkie leftover or slightly damaged so you have to decide if it's really worth just saving a few dollars versus going to a regular store and getting a new item.

It seems they opened recently. They are hiring more workers now. I did'n have any plans to purchase there. I just wanted to check it out. Fortunately they had lots of snacks and sweets at fantastic prices. So I ended up to buy tons. I spent almost $50 for 3 big bags of food. Some of them are usually close to $10 but are $1 there. I should check up this store again soonish. Their staffs and customers are friendly, funny, and fabulous. It's clean. Parking lot is in front of the store.

I love this store! The store was organized well and aisles were marked clearly. I was impressed by their selection. This location has the most furniture I've seen at a Home Goods store. Staff were helpful and friendly. They were knowledgeable about what they carried in stock and were helpful in identify where I could purchase item that they didn't carry.

I love my homegoods and I drove out of my way to check this one out... To get a price check on something w no label on it might as well be impossible. Waited for over 5-10 then the lady went on her break as I waited. Anyways I won't be coming here again ...

This is one of the home goods stores that I often visit. It's usually messy when I come on the weekend, but it was quite clean and neat on a Monday. There are plenty of home decors. I bought a wine cabinet from here and was pleased with it.

Traveling to homegoods is one of my favorite things to do on the weekends and this is one of my absolute favorite locations. I have found so many great things for our new house at this location and others. We were able to stock our entire kitchen with new utensils and cutlery. We have also purchased a beautiful golden yellow throw, side tables and lamps, sheet sets. I mean I can go on and on. Yes, like all quality discount stores such this it can get messy but blame that on customers who make a mess with no regard for the staff or other consumers.

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