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D.R. Horton Homes Dallas

If you buy from D.R. Horton, you may want to be wary of what motivates their decisions, their technical competency. and most importantly, their ethics. The house we purchased had a type of HVAC system installed that it is EXTREMELY unusual to install in a residential setting. It appears to have resulted in needing to purchase supplemental dehumidification equipment, unbalanced temperatures and vent air flows between rooms, and based on informal discussions with neighbors living in houses built similarly, seemingly higher electrical bills.

When the person from Bureau Veritas (the company that does construction inspections for the city we live in) who originally inspected this house during its construction revisited our property, he stated our system had been modified from how originally installed. When his supervisor when back and checked the records, it turns out it was not modified, but because it was such an unusual configuration, the very person who inspected it when built did not recall that to be the case.

When D.R. Horton was contacted to ask why this was done, their "answer" seemed to be that they left all of that to their subcontractor (Reliant) whom I should trust because they did. The person they referred me to at Reliant was their sales person, not a technical person. The jist of what that sales person's response consisted of was to imply that there was no reason to be asking the questions I was.

I did eventually have a more technical person at Reliant tell me that he was very familiar with the type of system installed in this house because he had installed a lot of them before they quit installing them a very long time ago, and that I should not be concerned because that type of system cost them a lot more than the type most of the other houses in the neighborhood had (as if higher cost equals better performance).

So I ask that you consider; if something costs a lot more and is no longer commonly used, why would a HVAC company select to install such a system when they are being paid a set amount per house rather than cost plus? Perhaps they got some systems for free on evaluation or at a deeply discounted close out price? In either case, that seems like a restaurant using ground pork in their chili rather than ground beef; it would still be chili, but it would not be the same thing.

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