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Home Goods Fort Worth TX

2911 Rio Grande Blvd
Ste 100
Euless, TX 76039
(817) 685-0034

HomeGoods is something I discovered recently and has become my favorite store EVER! It's like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and World Market had a baby and they have some of the prettiest things for truly great prices. They have china/silver dishes, kitchen equipment and accessories, pet toys, treats, and beds, wall art, throw pillows, vases, lamps, candles, linens, towels, cooking utensils, toiletries, coffee, tea, spices, snacks, sweets, holiday decor, an array of lovely mirrors and fun dining chairs, I mean, you name it! Part of the fun is never knowing what you will find on any given trip because their merchandise constantly changes. It's a great place to get gifts for someone as well (or yourself). I did a good deal of holiday shopping here and saved quite a bit of money. We still need a lot of items for the new house so I will be returning often. It's nice too because though the prices are inexpensive, the quality isn't so you can make your home look like it cost a fortune to decorate. Don't worry, it's our secret ;-) I always plan to go for one thing and walk out with 12. It's easy to get distracted here. Go check it out for yourself, and let me know what you find!

I like HomeGoods. I really want to love HomeGoods. This place is throw pillow heaven. They have little knick knacks that will make any Pinterest fanatic lose their mind & most likely their money. This is the place to go when Target just doesn't cut it (and let's be honest, Target his a hit-or-miss type of place). The only thing getting in the way of me absolutely loving this place is their pricing. They are OK. My big problem is that they claim to be a "discount" store like their sister store TJ Maxx. I really don't feel like they have fantastic prices. $199 for a stand up nutcracker man? $349 for a mirror? Maybe I'm just poor or too stubborn to fork over $50 for a single stainless steel pot. Or maybe they need to reevaluate what they claim to be a discount. Like I said, I really like HomeGoods. I'm just bitter because I am constantly having an internal battle between my desire to buy the entire store and the fact that I like having money.

Great store to find stuff for your garage! Just kidding ;). As we have bought our first home and are newly wed, this is a great place to come to stock up on all sorts of goods for the home. The store is clean and well organized. The benefit of shopping here is that you can get high quality stuff for really good prices. It's more expensive than some place like Ross, but it's generally higher quality. It's similar priced as the "At Home" stores, but way better quality!

Did you know Home Goods is owned by Marshall's? It's Marshall's, minus the clothing, You still get little boutique-y food, soap, and more uhhh home goods. There's definitely more furniture, stylish lamps, trays, etc. I really like that they've been into the natural wood and glass. You can furnish every room of the house. The selections are so varied that you can deck out your industrial modern loft or your cat lady shanty. So like Marshal's, you can get Hilfiger sheets for a King-sized bed for $99. And, like Marshall's, it might be out of stock indefinitely next week.

For the Susie homemaker or domestic diva at heart, this place is for you! Right now for the fall season they've got a ton of wreaths, pumpkin candles and even Halloween themed trinkets. This is my favorite time of year hands down so you know I was in heaven. Also if you love to cook with gourmet spices they have just about every different food and snack item known to man. Lots of selections of truffle oils and even Himalayan salt! Their pillows are nice too but I wish they had more of a selection. I am always looking for some fun pillows for my couch and often will find them at places like this or at a TJ Maxx on the cheap. I think they could mix up their variety a little bit more but so far I enjoy browsing! Kirklands is a few doors down too if you want to just go all out and get all of your home décor shopping done. Enjoy!

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