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SpotCrime's Dallas, Texas crime map shows 354 assaults, 54 shootings, 686 burglaries, 2086 thefts, 325 robberies, 743 vandalism, and 90 arrests over a one month period. The previous month crime map in Dallas, Texas showed 344 assaults, 32 shootings, 792 burglaries, 2444 thefts, 302 robberies, 795 vandalism, and 90 arrests.

According to the reports SpotCrime receives from local police agencies, crime overall in Dallas, Texas is currently down by 9% when compared to the previous month.

Property crime such as theft, vandalism, and burglary is down in Dallas, Texas. Fortunately, property crime and overall crime have both decreased this month, with property crime decreasing by 12% when compared to the previous month.

Violent crime including shootings, assaults, and robberies is up in Dallas, Texas. Even with a violent crime increase of 8%, overall crime is still down 9% from the previous month.

Stay aware of the crime happening in your neighborhood. Make sure to sign up for your personalized SpotCrime crime alert for Dallas, Texas. SpotCrime email alerts include a crime map and crime blotter for Dallas, Texas and are a great community watch tool.

Most Recent Crimes In Dallas

Incidents Last Week Last 30 Days Previous 30 Days Last Six Months
Theft 305 2086 2444 14860
Robbery 37 325 302 1883
Burglary 93 686 792 4607
Vandalism 84 743 795 5088
Shooting 13 54 32 203
Arson 67
Arrest 90 91 644
Assault 50 354 344 2520
Other 39 181 183 1235

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