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I am writing this review in hopes that others would have the privilege to have the best doctor in the world make your body into a master piece. I had gastric bypass 2.5 years ago and needless to say after losing 110lbs my body was just deflected. I thought after losing all this weight I would feel fabulous but I didn't. I actually felt worse. So began my hunt for a plastic surgeon to help me regain my confidence. My search went through 10 plus surgeons until I found Dr. White I normally wouldn't have paid for a consultation but I had read so many positive reviews and set through so many dreaded consultations I thought what the heck lets give it a try. So I called and scheduled my appointment. I walked into the office it was so different, then the moment came when Dr. White walked into the room and I have to say all of my fears and worries just disappeared. He spent over two hours talking with me and my husband answering all of our questions he wasn't like the rest he genuinely cared about me and hearing all of my needs, wants, and desires. So the time came when we talked about cost YES the dreaded part. I will say this he is not cheap by any means but the ole saying is so very true "you get what you pay for". And believe me he is worth every penny he charges! So now your thinking how would I know this? Well I also had several Weightloss friends that were having tummy tucks at the same time as I was so we walked this journey together and my journey compared to theirs was worth the money I paid extra for. My poor girlfriends that had their surgery is now having to come see Dr. White to fix all the horrible work their surgeons did. Dr. White spent 10 hours on my body yes 10 hours he took his time he made me perfect and to think I never even needed 1 pain pill and not even 1 bruise was caused on my body. Dr. White has completely changed my life he truely cares about people and takes pride in his work. I can not begin to thank him enough for the new me!

- R.A. / Google

My experience with Dr. White couldn't have been better. From day one I called to learn about him and his work to the end of my journey everyone at his office including him were so pleasant. Moreover the surgery, recuperation and results were much better than i could ever dream of. I strongly recommend him, his work, ethics, and customer service are amazing. Thank you Dr. White and team for the great work!!

- R.D. / Google

I'm a dentist (though now a pastor) and my wife was looking for an exceptional surgeon to do a mommy makeover after having 2 kids. You're probably reading this because you're doing research, so I'd like to offer the reasons why we choose Dr. White to help you make your decision. The short version is YES WE ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND DR. WHITE, WOULD CHOOSE HIM AGAIN, and THE PROCEDURE (TUMMY TUCK) HAS MADE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE IN QUALITY OF LIFE FOR BOTH OF US. Please feel free to continue reading for the long version. Besides many other questions, there were 3 things we needed to know before we decided to go with Dr. White: 1) How satisfied are patients after their surgeries? 2) What makes Dr. White different from other surgeons? 3) How does his staff feel about him? 1) How satisfied are patients after their surgeries? You can read the numerous reviews online about Dr. White to see how satisfied his patients are afterwards. My wife and I are both very satisfied with the results as well as the care provided by Dr. White AND his staff. His staff is great. They deserve bonuses. We have no regrets or concerns about the procedure at this point. 2) What makes Dr. White different from other surgeons? To me, this is a very important question. But I will not provide this answer for you. Instead, you need to ask Dr. White the following question yourself: "Why do you think other surgeons don't use the same techniques as you to provide better results for their patients?" Being in the health profession myself, I found his answer to be true and accurate, and at the same time was able to understand his personal level of commitment to the pursuit of perfection for his patients and his willingness to be his absolute best. 3) How does his staff feel about him? I really wanted to know how Dr. White's staff feels about him because it tells me a lot about who he is as a person. Is he just a great surgeon but a complete jerk? His staff describes their office as a "family" and several of them have had procedures done by Dr. White and/or plan to in the future. They love Dr. White and speak highly of him as both a surgeon and as a boss. This should tell you A LOT about his skill, integrity, and caring nature. Is cosmetic surgery right for you? Could be yes, could be no. I can't answer that for you because there are so many things to consider and I'm not trying to answer that here. One of Dr. White's mantras is "Do the right thing at the right time for the right reason." Those are wise words. But if you are asking, "Is Dr. White the right surgeon for me?" There's no question.

- D.H. / Google

I'm 5 weeks post op of having a tummy tuck performed by Dr. White and could not be more pleased with my results! I have been debating on whether to have a tummy tuck or not due to a few concerns such as the scar and the belly button (never seems to look normal after having a tummy tuck) but the moment I went in for a consultation all of my concerns were put to rest. Dr. White spent a great deal of time going into detail about the procedure and what I should expect without over promising. After my consultation, I just had an overwhelming feeling that Dr. White was the right doctor to perform my surgery! Clearly my intuition was right because the results are incredible and I'm not even done healing! My scar is extremely thin and very low and my belly button looks better than it did before (no alien belly button.. YAY)! Dr. White pays great attention to every detail and is a perfectionist to the extreme, which is what you want from a plastic surgeon. Thank you Dr. White!

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