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I've lived with this community for 2 1/2 years. I've lived in two separate units and have enjoyed them both. I've never had any problems with the maintenence requests that I've placed not being fulfilled or with the apartment management. I put in my notice to move because we had intended on finding a rent home rather than duplex but have decided to stay after seeing how willing the managment is to go above and beyond to assist us time and time again. We just don't feel like we could get that same kind of attention from a landlord for this price. The yards and driveways are wonderful. There are usually kids playing outside. It is a great family atmosphere where you can usually get to know your neighbors! The ladies in the management office have seen me through some tough times. I thought I was going through a divorce and they helped me move into a smaller unit Mid-Lease!! No questions asked, just did what needed to be done to help me. The two maintenence guys (one of which lives on site) are always very kind and friendly and even offered to help me with anything I needed since I didn't have a guy around to do things. I love living here and plan to do so for a while. I encourage everyone to come see the property, meet the management and give this place a try. I think you'll love it.

hahahahaha really.? "conspiracy theory idiot" So you don't think I should make logic-based reasonable conclusions, but you are perfectly justified in assuming I have no job or life, and your "facts" are opinions, as I'm certain there's not scientific stigma for the "wonderful driveways." That's asinine, you talk about facts and about we see that...I personally don't think that being passionate about an apartment complex is an indication that you have a life. haha just saying. Luckily, this web-site is open to everyone, and freedom of speech still allows my skepticism and critique of your bs, and I'M NOT GOING step up your game, peddler of lies, I'm just not buyin' it, and I really hope that other using this web-site are analytical enough to recognize a propagandist ploy when they see one. And if petty name-calling and assumptions are all you have to say, I would recommend just letting it go, you're just making yourself look less intelligent than anyone could have previously assumed even if you were a normal renter. Personally...I'm offended by your use of the word "love"...thanks to you and people like you depreciating real "love" by even placing it on a place where you live...that's just sad...I'm certain lovers of real love and purveyors of real beauty and life and experience would find it pretty sad as well. If this is really how you feel and you're really this kind of person than I take back any possible derogatory remarks, because I just feel bad for you. Good luck, I hope you really find something important to care about...instead of wasting passion on something as trivial as a silly apartment complex in North Texas...there's much more to the world than helping greedy landlords in a fight against the search and request for truth because there are so many lies to sell us so many ideas and make a quick buck and screw people over in the worship of money, and some of us are tired of it.

You're an idiot. I AM the resident, as I stated. I do NOT appreciate being called a liar, especially not by a conspiracy theory idiot with absolutely no proof on anything he is saying. I do LOVE living here and meant every word of what was said in MY post. It was not posted by the management, I am not related to the management nor do I work on the property. Unlike you, I have a job and a life and took the time to express my valid, fact based opinion on something that I was passionate about. So how about you grow up and move along because there's nothing else for you to see here. Thanks.

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