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Houses for rent in Dallas Texas

Good:It is the cheapest rent in this area for the size of the apartment.
Bad: I'm told it is an area teeming with illegal drug traffic.
Good: There are large balconies and at least some apartments, like mine, have views of only trees, which is fabulous for being in the city.
Bad: But a huge number of tenants here play their car radios incredibly loudly so that it is extremely disruptive to work or sleep. Management says they care, but nothing ever changes.
Good: The maintenance people are really nice. I have no concerns at all about them entering my apt while I am gone.
Bad: I have waited for three months to get my dishwasher fixed and all that time there was icky, horrible sludge in the bottom of it that was attracting bugs.
Good: There is a laundry room that is open all hours.
Bad: IT is not air-conditioned. And there are no chairs to sit in. And, though there are signs saying there are cameras recording what is going on, they are only for the protection of the actual laundry equipment. Not for the protection of the tenants of their clothing. I have had an entire load of clothing stolen once, and on another occasion a much-loved road and several pair of fuzzy sleep-socks. There was no help from the management at all.
I must have my cleaning stay there while the laundry washes and dries, but it is often 100 degrees outside and likely much hotter than that in the laundry room with all the dryers going. With no chairs and no a/c how can I ask anyone to do that?
Good: We supposedly have security keeping watch over the place.
Bad: I have never seen them, nor have they ever done anything about the extremely loud radio playing. I have called the police three times in one year about gun shots right outside my apartment building.
Good: Nice big walk-in closet in the bedroom. And no carpeting.
Bad: There was brand new laminate flooring when I moved in which was apparently made by the Chinese company that supplies 95% of the laminate flooring in Texas. There was a 60 minutes program about how the flooring from the company called Ideal something-or-other has caused hundreds, if not thousands, of people to be extremely ill because of the extremely high levels of formaldehyde which...

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