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Casas en Arlington Texas

4391 Little Rd
Arlington, TX 76016
(817) 483-8226

For some reason they can't kick a to go order out from inside of this joint. Everything I go in to order take out and they lose my order. No comps or any love after standing around for 15 minutes for tacos that never come. Wish they had some other sauce besides the packets that tear up my stomach. Always have to take home to use real sauza. Food is plentiful but limited in their offerings. Place is clean .

I'll give two stars because I never had a problem during the daytime hours. Unfortunately it's a total different place at night. After two bad experience with rude SVC in drive thru and uneditable food I decided to send a message on the company website. I told them of my experience and asked to be contacted to further explain. The management apparently doesn't care enough to reply so I'll avoid.

This is a fast food joint but the .99 frijole tostada (it was Frijoles Friday)was tasty and just the right amount. My husband had the super burrito which he said was a bit heavy on the beans (he's not a huge bean fan) but was really good otherwise. Good price! I might go back this Tuesday for Taco Tuesday. The food takes a bit longer to get them most fast food joints but it tasted way better and the staff was super friendly!

This update is for the service not the food. The food is still great The other day we had been on the road all day and I was pretty much soda-ed out. I was hungry and just wanted water with my meal. (I still had a full soda in my car) I placed my food order and asked for water for my drink. The girl asked "small" and I said "sure". While she was getting our drinks, I noticed she was giving us medium cups. Well how nice I thought. While we were eating we looked at the bill and noticed 2 .79 cent charges for Medium Water. 79 cents for water? Are you out of your blinking mind? I've NEVER been charged for water before. When I brought this to the Manager's attention she said, we charge for water larger than the small cup. I told her that I said "sure" when the girl asked if I wanted small and that NO WHERE ANYWHERE does it say they charge for water larger than a small. She sort of apologized and said that they had made a mistake and that it was their fault but never offered to make up for the mistake. Like I stated earlier, I had a full soda in my car. Just tell me about the charge and I would have gone out and gotten it. That will be the last drink I buy at this store. Since you do not have my soda of choice to start with, I'll just start bring my own. I'll give 7-11 my .79 cents for a Diet Dr. Pepper instead of paying almost $2.00 for a Diet Coke that I do not like in the first place. I will never ever ever get a water here again. To tell the truth, I'll probably go to Taco Bell next time.

Yelping while I'm waiting in line sitting in the drive through. Good food but they are extremely slow here! Not sure if it's the employees or all taco casa's are this way???

I decided to stop by this location tonight, after seeing several locations around town and reading good reviews on here. I went through the drive through, and when I got home with my food, and opened my taco, there was a long, curly, black hair in it. I had no issues receiving a refund when I fm took the food back, and the shift manager looked genuinely disgusted. Minus five stars for hair in my food. Plus one star for the way it was handled when I returned.

Its Taco Casa what more can I say it's the cheesiest place around. But they do have some really good food though. Check out this location its brand new.

For a fast food taco place it's not half bad. I think it's the pound of cheese they give you. But everything taste fresh and staff is nice.

Taco Casa on Little road just opened a few weeks ago. I had to try them out. And I was very pleased. The place is a old Burger King that they remolded. And they did a good job. Very nice and clean. With giant TVs to watch. Very large seating area. The food is typical fast food tacos and burritos. But that should not stop you from trying them out. With a good amount of cheese and meat in the taco. And I had the combination burrito and it was very tasty. Another customer got the 6.99 nachos, I thought the price was a little high. But after I saw the nachos. They are a large serving. I did not like that they had to fill my drinks up. I like the self server drink stations. And the do not have any combo meals for a better price. I will go back to Taco Casa for more tacos and combo burritos.

I've eaten at a number of Taco Casa locations west of DFW. What I like about those locations is missing at this one. That would be value for the dollar. The food here tastes just as good but the prices are a tad higher and the portion size is less. Double whammy Mr. Franchise owner. Keep your TVs and decor, I will save it for other locations and should they follow in your footsteps... Well bye bye Taco Casa. 6-1-15 Well foolishly I went back. Now they have a textured beef product that retains moisture and "flufs" the meat. From bad to worse. This is the seal on this deal.

Best fast food mexican in DFW. Staff at this location are welcoming and quick. Get 2 tacos and a tostada. Nachos kinda meh.

One of the best taco casa, a lot better than the one in wautaga that one is terrible, stale taco shells, and does not live up to taco casa standards

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