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The review by LGbot was so unfair as to command a response. I am Boyd Stewart with American Eagle Builders. I, like most folks, value customer loyalty. After hearing this customer's needs, I suggested they should probably go back to a company whom they had used in the past, who had given them good service and the quality they were happy with. No said the wife, we will only work with a company who can give us the custom kind of windows we desire. I presented and priced the high-end custom job THEY requested. They seemed quite happy and said the only thing they needed further was to see actual samples of the various wood trims we could do. Although my Mom had suffered a stroke in Houston, I did not pass off the work, but instead drove miles and miles to collect the exact samples of the kinds of wood trim we could do. When I called to set a time to show them what I had assembled for them, the man was dismissive and said he had found a cheaper price. OF COURSE HE HAD! The customer demanded the top, best, custom quality available in the market, and all the FREE service, but chose instead to go with the very company I had suggested might be their best option at our initial meeting. When I only asked why they had sent me all over to fetch something they did not want (after they knew the exact pricing for the work), the homeowner got angry and hung-up. We have the best customers I have ever had the privilege of serving. Sometimes the best answer to prayer are the jobs we do not get! By the Mom has recovered and I was able to get to Houston to help, despite this customer’s demands.

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