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Healthcare jobs in Dallas, TX are made up of two subsets. The largest division is for the healthcare practitioners and technical occupations. These positions include doctors and registered nurses, dentists and opticians, radiologic technicians, veterinarians, and midwives. In the Dallas area, over 50 people out of every 1, 000 are employed in one of these occupations. The other subset includes the healthcare support positions. Over 22 people out of every 1, 000 work in this field in Dallas. This subset includes home health aides, phlebotomists, medical transcriptionists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants, and orderlies.

Dallas, TX Healthcare Job Market

Aging populations need healthcare. This need has prompted the Bureau of Labor Statistics to predict that the national healthcare industry will grow by 2.6 percent per year through 2022, adding five million jobs. The demand for certain positions, like that of a personal care aide, is expected to almost double by then, thanks largely to the need for older citizens to get healthcare assistance. In Dallas, TX, this trend should be especially pronounced. Some 8.8 percent of the population is age 65 or older. An additional 16 percent of residents are between 50 and 65 in age, meaning that the population of Dallas residents over 65 could nearly double over the next 15 years. This growth should serve to boost the Dallas healthcare job market.

Healthcare Salaries in Dallas, TX

Healthcare salaries in Dallas vary significantly between these two subsets. Healthcare practitioners, like doctors, average $77, 930 per year, or $37.47 per hour. The highest paid profession within the subset is anesthesiologists. They average $261, 040 per year, or $125.50 per hour. Dentists, psychiatrists, and surgeons are tied for the second-highest-paid position on average at roughly $223, 000 per year. Healthcare support positions require less education and training than most practitioner positions. The average pay for these positions is $31, 980 per year, or $15.37 per hour. Occupational therapy assistants and physical therapy assistants are tied as the highest paid in this subset. On average, they make roughly $72, 000 per year.

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