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The AC systems do not function well. Though I have had the AC system on full blast for the majority of the summer, my small 1 bedroom apartment has yet to stay cool. The AC system is not digitally controlled, its a low/high switch on a wall mounted unit which really only covers one room and is then supposed to vent into other rooms. Even when the weather outside is cooler the AC system fails to cool the apartment, it's actually cooler on these days outside than in (a problem for people with allergies).
The balcony has been a constant source of discomfort. The wood is in very bad repair, I had many difficulties getting the maintenance crew out to fix it, when all they had to do was replace some of the beams that tie the railing to the deck. The railing was warped to a point where most of the boards did not line up well or were not attached at all. When they did actually apply a fix (3 months after initial report and 6 trips to the office asking about progress) all maintenance did was put wood screws into the beams, which just split the beams because they did not pilot the holes, old wood etc... The next patio maintenance issue I asked about was for them to get rid of the wasps that were nesting inside the wood on the balcony, though they said it was taken care of, I don't even think they looked at it because the nests have now grown to both sides of the balcony and to a point where you can't go outside without being assaulted by a swarm of wasps, bees, or other insects.
The entry way floods. We get a flooding in the entryway that covers the entire floor every time we have a large rain (3 times this summer so far), sometimes with a few inches of water (deepest point was 3 inches in the middle of entryway). The water takes days to dry out. The area was recently renovated so it looks nice, but you can already start to smell the mold that is building up from the flooding. I have left messages for the office concerning this issue but have yet to see any action or hear any confirmation of the communication.

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