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arl17Are you are looking for Arlington Texas Real Estate? I will not only locate your next Arlington Texas home for you but I will also take care of your mortgage needs at preferred rates as well! If you are buying property or considering investing in Arlington Texas homes I have 17 years of real estate and mortgage experience to assist you and your family in the process.

Arlington Texas real estate has an accomplished history of performance with positive trends in value in 2012. The city growth is primarily due to the price of housing and overall quality and central location of the city. Arlington is also one of the state’s leading and fastest growing Texas cities. Arlington Texas makes up a significant portion of the DFW metroplex with just over 392, 000 residents.

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Arlington Texas Real Estate Compared to the National Statistics

Arlington Texas Real Estate has always been steady and dependable. Located in the heart of the DFW metropolitan area the city has always been a landing spot for relocation. The last few years have seen a renovation of the city and major movement in growth in the economic climate as well. The Dallas Cowboys have set up shop in Arlington and that has created a trickledown effect of other businesses moving into the area. So what has happened with the real estate? In reality the real estate market in Arlington is benefitting on a couple of fronts.Arlington has seen a growth in the real estate market in terms of number of transactions the last two years. That has allowed the housing market to not only stabilize but in actuality to appreciate. The two areas of appreciation currently in the city are the South West Arlington area that is in the Lake Arlington vicinity and the Northern most border of Arlington just outside of I-30.Forbes just recently came out with an analysis on two different issues. The first was a rent versus buying comparison and the second was a comparison of average home prices. Arlington came in on the rental survey as the number one place to buy versus rent in the United States. This has led to a steady stream of investors that acquire rental properties in the central Arlington area next to the University of Texas at Arlington. The more expensive rentals has created a high demand for home buying as buyers with the lower interest rates can now quantify there savings not only in monthly dollars being less with a mortgage but in real tax savings as well.The second analysis was the average home price nationally. Arlington has an average home price of around 150, 000.00. The national average is 244, 000.00. The old adage of more bang for the buck certainly applies here. Couple that with the growing economy and a major relocation area as well and you can see how Arlington distinguishes itself from other cities.

Number of Listings Price Range Median Price Average Price Total Price
519 $19, 900 to $6, 400, 000 $3, 209, 950 $316, 359 $164, 190, 174
By Property Type
Full Duplex $119, 900 to $189, 950 $154, 925 $154, 213 $616, 850
Half Duplex $96, 000 to $185, 500 $140, 750 $144, 240 $721, 200
Condominium 14 $56, 000 to $165, 000 $110, 500 $94, 921 $1, 328, 895
Apartment / 5-Plex+ $1, 390, 000 to $1, 390, 000 $1, 390, 000
Townhouse 10 $85, 000 to $315, 000 $200, 000 $188, 433 $1, 884, 325
Residential 27 $39, 999 to $1, 475, 000 $757, 500 $177, 659 $4, 796, 799
Multiple Single Units $6, 400, 000 to $6, 400, 000 $6, 400, 000
Commercial 23 $19, 900 to $3, 485, 235 $1, 752, 568 $632, 889 $14, 556, 441
Single Family 434 $65, 500 to $3, 995, 000 $2, 030, 250 $305, 290 $132, 495, 664

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