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There are many breeds of domestic cat in the world and there are several millions of cat pets from around the world. However, the cat breeds listed below are the prettiest and the most popular as well.

1.) Main Coon

Undeniably, the longhaired Maine Coon is one of the most beautiful domestic cat breeds in the world. This remarkable breed with a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America.

It is endemic to Maine, USA and is the official state cat. This handsome breed is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. It can be seen in a variety of colors and is known for its intelligence and gentle personality. This cute-looking breed has long whiskers.

2.) Cymric Cat

The Cymric cat breed is a long-haired variety of the Manx breed that originated from the Isle of Man. It has prominently long whiskers and is well-known tailless breed.

3.) Kurilian Bobtail

Cat breeds that developed in Russia are among the most beautiful and unique in the world like the Kurilian Bobtail. This distinct breed with short and fluffy tail originated in the Islands of Kuril..

4.) Grey Classic Tabby

Having a cat with unique markings is certainly a cool idea. If you are looking for a cat breed with “bull’s eye” pattern, the Grey Classic Tabby is the perfect choice for you.

5.) Toyger

The lovely but wild-looking Toyger is perhaps the most remarkable striped breed of cat. This cat breed is the result of breeding domestic shorthaired tabbies.

6.) Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a unique cat breed which is famous for its unusual love of water and swimming. This breed proves that the common notion that cats are afraid of water is wrong. It originated in Lake Van in Western Armenia.

7.) British Longhair

One of the most impressively beautiful breed of cats is the British Longhair. As it name implies, it originated in Great Britain.

8.) American Longhair

Another beautiful cat breed with longhair is the American Longhair. This breed is notable for its soft, quiet voices, and active characteristics.

9.) Manx

Looking for tailless or short-tailed cat breeds? The Manx Cat is one of the best choice for you. Many Manx have a small stub of a tail, but Manx cats are best known as being entirely tailless; this is the most distinguishing characteristic of the breed, along with elongated rear legs and a rounded head.

10.) Siberian Cat

Siberian Cats are among the most impressive-looking breed cats in the world. As its name implies, this loyal and smart cat breed originated in Siberia, Russia.

11.) Dragon Li

Having a Dragon Li is like having a small tiger in your house because of its physical appearance that resembles a tiger in the wild.

12.) Munchkin

The sweet-natured and playful Munchkin is a beautiful breed of cat with a spine that is usually indistinguishable from that of other cats. This intelligent and people-oriented is a very outgoing and smart cat breed.

13.) California Spangled Cat

One of the best-looking spotted cat breed is the California Spangled Cat. It is a resemblance of leopard and ocelot and one of the most expensive breeds in the world.

14.) Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats are among the most prolific longhaired breed of cats. They are very popular in Europe.

15.) Serengeti Cat

Serengeti Cats are pretty and very popular breed of cat. They were developed by crossing a Bengal cat and an Oriental Shorthair cat.

16.) Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is a unique cat breed with a peculiar "bobbed" tail that looks like rabbit tail. This lovely-looking cat is endemic to Japan and Southeast Asia and is one of the oldest Asian cat breed.

17.) Savannah Cat

The Savannah is a spotted hybrid cat which is a cross between a serval and a domestic cat. This spectacular breed is one of the largest domestic cat n the world. A male Savannah can weigh more than 20 lbs.

18.) Ocicat

The Ocicat is an awesome-looking domestic cat breed that looks like a wild cat but has no wild blood. This spotted cat has the temperament of a domestic cat although t looks like a wild cat. It was named Ocicat because of its resemblance to the Ocelot.

19.) Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a peculiar cat breed characterized by folded ears that makes it looks like an owl. Scottish Folds are long-living cat with a lifespan of 15 years.

20.) American Curl

The American Curl is a beautiful and unique cat breed with peculiar ears that curl back from the face toward the center of the back of the skull. This bred was developed in California, USA.

21.) Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is a naturally spotted short-haired breed of domestic cat. Both the coat and skin of the Egyptian Mau are spotted. This ancient breed has been around for more than 3000 years and its look has not changed significantly.

22.) Pixie-Bob

The Pixie-bob is a domestic cat breed that is heavily built with. It is considered entirely domestic for the purposes of ownership, cat fancy registration, import and export.

23.) Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat is a beautiful spotted and striped hybrid cat. It was formed by the cross of a domestic feline and an Asian Leopard Cat. Its "wild-looking" markings, such as large spots, rosettes, and a light/white belly, and a body structure are reminiscent of the Asian Leopard Cat.

24.) European Shorthair

The European Shorthair is a cool-looking shorthaired breed of cat that originated in Sweden. the European Shorthair is also known as Celtic Shorthair.

25.) American Shorthair

The elegant American Shorthair is one of the most popular cat breed in the United States. It is the 8th most popular breed in the US.

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