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This, by far, has been the worse experience in my ENTIRE APARTMENT LIFE! I moved here from out of the area to DFW for a job offer. Since I’ve never been to the DFW Metroplex, I contacted an apartment locator service to assist me with my apartment search. The representative rated and raved about Alesio Urban Center, which drove as to why I chose the community. Everything from the approval process to moving in was smooth sailing, but once I moved in, that’s when it all began.
This is the nastiest and the filthiest property/ apartment complex that I have EVER lived in. The buildings are not cleaned and the trash room in my building is another story. I have been complaining since the day that I moved in and Lincoln Properties has yet to permanently fix the issue of the uncleanliness of the property and not to mention, the service. After writing several emails and showing my face at the rental office and three and a half weeks later, someone FINALLY came to fix the battery in the smoke detector in my apartment (in which I had to threaten to go to corporate because of their response time).
I have been COMPLAINING to the staff that this issue needs to be rectified FOR MONTHS and nothing has been done. After speaking with SEVERAL neighbors, they have the same concerns and issues. One of the excuses that the leasing office uses is that they are renovating the property (in which they are). HOWEVER, that is NO EXCUSE for the uncleanliness of the property and not being able to get a handle on how the property should be cleaned.
Regarding the trash room on the property, I can understand that the company not being able to do anything in regards to neighbors not wanting to walk up 4 steps to putting their trash in the trash shoot. The leasing office previously put out a notice that states that if caught, the individual will be fined. It is OBVIOUS that the leasing company does not take what’s happening seriously because myself and several other neighbors still come home to nasty hallways, smelly hallways, un-mopped buildings, un-swepped hallways and other neighbors leaving their trash on the trash room floor and not wanting to walk up four steps (which un-allows me and others), to take out their own trash. It is us, as tenants, our responsibility to take our trash out properly, but if there are issues regarding where and how the trash is being disposed is a management issue and needs to be addressed ACCORDINGLY AND IMMEDIATELY! Trash LITERALLY hangs out the trash door (i

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