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I have been using this management company since May and I have to say, they are very responsive and diligent. We decided to use a management company because we had an independent person managing our properties and he was doing a terrible job. RPM knew all the issues we were facing and they reassured me that they could help with all the issues. They have done all that plus more whenever I need them to. Beverly, Brenna, Lucy, Melissa, Stefanie, Ty, and Sylvia deal with my tenants on a day in and day out basis and have been wonderful to work with.

Ac went out home is infested with rats! I cannot believe I was duked into this pos home! It's been a nightmare since day one! Praying I make it out alive

***UPDATE 5/19: Because of RPM's horrible management, our tenants are not planning on renewing. We are losing money directly due to RPM. (And why are their employees posting 5-star reviews?... Shady) I have been immensely disappointed by this company. My mother and I are homeowners in the Dallas area but have been California residents for some time. We lease out our Dallas house when we can to support my mother, who was in an accident and needs additional sources of income. Though it's not our first time leasing, we decided to give RPM a try. Bottom line: It was not worth it. They're highly likely understaffed, but even if this is the case, those who are working in the office are severely undertrained, and their customer service is just not up to par. The consequence is that our current tenants have been endlessly unhappy for the last 7 months that they have been in our home. Much of the legwork has been done exclusively by our FORMER real estate agent-no relation with RPM-whose house happens to neighbor the one we're leasing out. I find it ludicrous that I receive more complete information from her than from RPM. Consistently, it was due to her alerts that I knew at all how our tenants were doing. I hate surprises, and every time I learn about RPM's snafus after the fact, I wonder, "Why didn't you just pick up the goddamn phone and CALL?" This is particularly the case with their Maintenance Assistant (who has very little knowledge of Texas' leasing laws). I have never heard from their Director of Client Services to this day, even after expressing so much frustration at their service. If you have to work with RPM, make sure to record every single phone number you get because you'll never see them again-not in the employees' email signatures, not anywhere. All phone numbers displayed are automated, straight to voice mail. I should've known it was a red flag at the beginning when I could never get a hold of them, and they IGNORED my requests to call me back. This is how I finally spelled it out to them, though I think what's finally gotten their attention is my ANGER, unfortunately: "A note on preferences: I prefer to be contacted over the phone initially to be alerted about something going on with the - property. Especially if there is an active role I need to play, e.g. contact home equipment insurance company. You may call both xxx-xxx-xxxx and xxx-xxx-xxxx. Please leave a voice mail if I do not pick up. I then prefer to have an email sent so that there is a paper trail and a record of what was spoken about or what you called about. These should be sent to two emails: Hopefully this helps." SERIOUSLY? On what planet is this usually necessary? Their system for maintenance is shoddy at best. I have had RPM forward me an email of a tenant's complaint (though not all emails because some clearly paint a negative experience and RPM didn't want me to see that) and then leave it at that. No follow up, they just expect you to do the work from there. What's the point of hiring a management company? Here is our tenant's email that I received from my real estate agent friend (RPM never CC'd me!): "I can't believe you're not addressing our problems but request I send you photos. Everything was rusted when we viewed the house in October! I'm not rushing to take pictures. No one cares about our water or garage door. Nothing is fixed within 5 days on an average, out of 18 requests for service in 6 months so why should I take pictures now? As you can see my original request for cold water was below on May 11. I'll address your request but not until I know why nothing has been done nor no one returned xxx's request for emergency service. Sent from xxx's iPhone" They also send out unreliable service people to do repairs on the house. Our garage door was installed with the wrong springs in the wrong fashion, and the whole thing came flying off the hinges, mortifying the tenants and creating a real safety and security risk for them over the weekend. The emergency number the tenants called, provided by RPM? Nobody picked up. It was my real estate agent who alerted me, and we had to take care of everything privately. Awful experience with RPM. Hope they do better in the future, but it won't be with us.

We moved to Texas over a 2 day road trip from cali. I was told that there would be a key in a lock box for us to get in. We were given the wrong code for the box and were forced to stay the night in a hotel. When I called them the next day they didn't return my calls. I had to email them to get a new code. When we walked into the property the first thing I saw were random loose wires sticking out of the wall dirt on the walls and the bathroom were dirty. I called the agents and was told the cleaning was done by an outside company but nobody inspected the condition of the house before we came. I never got a response about having to pay out of pocket for our hotel stay. When I call or email they are either rude or dismissive. I will never rent from them again.

I was hoping to have to post one negative comment about this company; however, they weren't done with their incompetence. I moved out of the property I was renting. We followed everything exactly as it was instructed to move out. We put in our 30 day notice. We cleaned the property (except left the grass uncut). We left the lock box on the counter, & left our keys with a person in their office (as instructed via email by their staff). This was all done before our term date of Mar. 31. To my amazement, instead of getting our deposit back (less the grass), we were given a bill of $300 (WTF!). They told us that we owed rent for April plus late fees. My wife & I are floored. Luckily, my wife has kept all email communication confirming the instructions & the day we left the keys with the office, which should exonerate us. When my wife called to ask why this occurred, as always, the same person we typically deal with, was rude & said she had to "research it." Research what!? I bet there was a simple oversight of some sort, but we are being charged for incompetence. Here's a suggestion: Why don't you research & check all records before sending these notices? Please, please, please reconsider using this company, especially if you are a renter.

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