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DR Horton Frisco TX

15611 Egret Field Lane
Houston, TX 77049
(281) 452-4790

It's been 5 years now that I've been in my home. I do still like it, but I don't love it. The floor plan has not been as versatile as I'd hoped, I've already painted the kitchen cabinets (the builder grade oak was blah) and had to repair the roof of a leak around a vent. DR Horton denied my BBB complaint and refused to cover the cost of the roof repair because the leak occurred outside of the 2 year warranty. Last I checked, brand new roofs should not leak in less than 5 year!?!? The house is still standing, the neighborhood is not as great as I would like and with homes still being built the quality of all the neighbors is still TBD.

Attention Realtors: DR Horton does not honor Buyer Rep Agreements!! Told my client to sign a contract and don't worry about having a Realtor! They refuse to add me to the contract and Sales Manager told me too bad, take it up with your client!

I do not normally yelp reviews my wife does, but I have had so many issues with buying our home through DR Horton that I wanted to get on here and try and save as many people as possible. If I could go back and buy a used home for cheaper and just do everything myself I would. I will just go down a list of things that can come to mind. 1. About 11 things were pointed out on the initial walk through before buying the house. The following week the day we were supposed to close the final walk through 10 of those things were still not taken care of. They told us everything can be taken care of M-F 8am-3pm after we sign(as if we dont have jobs)They were when we threatened not to sign. On top of that there was trash everywhere and the home was dirty. 2. Being a designer home I did expect certain things to be cheaper because when you mass produce you do this to save money, things like light fixtures etc was expected. What I did not expect was no handles on bathroom drawers, the outlets in the garage to have the lowest amps(we found out when our fridge blew it out), and my truck which has an extended cab but a short bed does not even fit in our 3 CAR GARAGE. 3. They told us there was a small HOA fee of $34 a month until the neighborhood is completely sold and neighborhood would then run the HOA... one month after we buy they are raising the HOE to $40. They are also holding a board meeting at 1:15pm on a Tuesday about this, once again when everyone who works will be at work. The property management company they hired has a representative that is a blatant two faced liar who told me one thing over the phone and accidentally sent us an email showing a complete other. These are just things that come to mind. DR Horton does not seem to care about their customer it's only about the money.

We are building wih D R Horton homes in Venice Fl... Beware The salesman Tom M is very rude. A lot of errors are being made. Once you sign on dotted line all costumer service stops

I won't buy again made by dr Horton house poor quality poor service I agree with negative comments.

If you want to put your trust and money with a company with no integrity or ethics, this is the company. They stand for nothing, but lies. Beware and put your family's future somewhere else.

Buyer Beware - poor product, poor workmanship, poor service, poor customer relationships Even hiring an inspector to stay on top of the building, DR Horton refuses to accept the poor quality of their workmanship as long as it meets the minimum drawing specs. Inspector issues are ignored by building sup Even roofing problems are ignored by building sup Potential fire hazard issues ignored by building sup The building sup on the home is completely lost and accepts the poorest of quality of workmanship as long at it meets minimums in his view DR Horton is using in my opinion very questionable labor resources to build the house All documented with inspectors report and pictures.

MMy husband, and I are one of the extremely frustrated and disappointed home owners in the community of townhouses called Esprit, Dublin, CA built by D R Horton. We recently got married and were thrilled to start our lives together in our new house, but thanks to D.R. Horton, that excitement has been transformed into a nightmare due to the stress and chaos resulting from a plethora of lingering issues in the house. We have faced multitude of issues that include, but are not limited to, low grade/defective materials, poor workmanship and terrible customer service. They have taken advantage of our patience by callously disregarding our pleas to resolve our issues despite multiple inspections. How you would feel using your kitchen granite top for cutting, cooking and eating your meals everyday after seeing it completely soiled with bird feces while inspecting your home few weeks before closing? Not only that, you see the ugly stains left behind by those bird feces every time you enter the kitchen and your builder expects your to believe that they are natural mineral marks? How would you feel when 1/3 of your house is unusable and covered in blue tape marking the defects (Chips, dents, scratches, manufacturing defect, and squeaky noise, unstable) in the wood floor and then waiting relentlessly for repair/replacement while all your brand new furniture is waiting in the store to be delivered to your dream house? It has been three months since we moved in and still no resolution! We definitely regret our decision to buy property here.

We purchased a condo from Dr. Horton in 2005 in Phoenix, AZ. Had some moisture over a door over the years, but my mother who resides there didn't raise an alarm thinking that it was due to AC condensation. Then after a big monsoon storm in August of 2014, water was just pouring down from over the door. It turns out that DR Horton cut roof tiles too short to protect attic vents from water intrusion upon driving rain. DR Horton (Mr. Bolton and Mr. Liston) knowing that roof tile has not shrunk or grown from the time it was installed refused to even compensate us for the roof repair (not even including water extraction and mold mediation), citing the time that elapsed from the closing. We feel that this is an ethical obligation of the builder at the minimum to take the responsibility for improperly-installed roof that caused so much damage to our home.

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