Townhomes in Arlington TX for rent

My floor plan: 1 Bedroom/Bathroom, 727 Sq. Ft. (A4?)
Third floor
Overall, I did like my apartment.
What I liked:
-Apartment was fairly spacious;
-The grounds are nice;
-Parking was readily available near my apartment;
-Management was friendly;
-Maintenance was generally prompt about getting things done;
-Couldn't hear neighbors from inside my apartment except right at the bathroom, and it was generally muffled.
-The interactions I had with my neighbors was all very nice. Friendly people.
Issues I had:
-When I first moved in, whatever cleaner had been used on the carpets and hard floors was not adequately cleaned up. The hard floors were sticky, and the stuff in the carpets caused my feet to feel like they were burning. Management did offer to clean the floors again, but since they had to use the chemicals I opted to borrow a carpet cleaner and just use water to get everything up myself.
-Traffic. Being across the street from Cowboy Stadium and down the street from Ranger's Stadium, this is expected. As a whole, it really wasn't that bad though; you just needed to learn the tricks to it. These include:
-Don't try to come back to your apartment when a game is getting ready to start (and thus people are going to the stadiums). Leaving is fine and can easily be done.
-Don't go to or leave your apartment when a game is letting out; traffic in all directions gets really bad.
-If you need to get to your apartment during bad traffic times, take this route: https://goo.gl/maps/S2pbT You can get in fairly easily with this.
-Cost. A lot of places in Arlington are much cheaper. I was paying $692/month for rent/trash/gas, and this included a 3% student discount on the rent. At the time I was ok with it, but I really should have looked elsewhere longer to find a cheaper option. When it came time to renew the lease, what I was offered increased rent by $50/month, a pretty steep jump given what I was already paying.

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