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Most Beautiful Houses

If you were looking for the most beautiful houses in the world, this is definitely one of them. Let’s take a walk, from magnificent elegant driveway, through stunning, modern white interiors to a gorgeous backyard like you’ve never seen before. This dream home will make you drool!

About modern House M

Since it is known as one of the most beautiful houses in the world, one would think that it’s located somewhere in the Beverly Hills area, or, let’s see, Thailand, Australia, Monaco, French Riviera (like this dream home) or anywhere where rich and famous had their cash turned into super expensive real estate. But this modern house is just another proof of my favorite theory; you don’t need millions to own a beautiful house. House M is located in Merano (or Meran), a town and comune in South Tyrol, northern Italy. It is designed by an Italy-based architecture studio . The house itself offers 360 square meters of modern living space.

Most beautiful houses in the world and their facades

Speaking of exteriors, it is interesting how often people judge houses only by looking at their facades. (For example, this ultra modern house) I mean, yes, I would put this residence in “the most beautiful houses in the world” category just by looking at this modern facade, but homes are more than just facade. But speaking of House M, I would like to point out how elegant this facade looks. And all because of minimalist approach. Clean white color creates really nice contrast to all the natural greenery around it while glass doors, windows and walls gave modern feeling to it. Especially on the rear elevation where we have contrast within the object itself. And I’m thinking on bold horizontal lines of white concrete and thin vertical lines of glass walls. So simple and modern.

Amazing interior design – all white

Like I said a few sentences above, houses are much more than just amazing facade, especially when we talk about the most beautiful houses in the world. Great architects will always do their best to unite exteriors and interiors. Especially today when modern homes are designed to make this transition on the lowest possible level. House M is again, perfect example of good modern house. This minimalist, white and glassy design atmosphere from the facade is brought inside where it formed, in my opinion, perfect modern living space. Let’s just pay attention to the white minimalist staircase located right next to a thin glass wall, modern white kitchen, living room with dark furniture and heavenly white floor-to-ceiling curtains, even garage where New York City skyline wallpaper created some special urban atmosphere. The house is simply gorgeous and I would even dare to name it #1 in “the most beautiful houses in the world” category.

Alright, I’m done talking, let’s take a look at the pictures. You will even get floor plans and section drawings, for full experience. If you like it and want one for yourself (like I do), don’t be afraid to contact office! Now tell me, do you like House M? What about the white color? Some would say it’s too much. Do you think this is one of the most beautiful houses in the world? Let me know in the comments below, after which you can check out “the most minimalist house ever designed“.

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